Let me start by saying I’m not religious, I don’t believe in a god or believe there is a afterlife, it’s part of a new series I am trying out called on point lifestyle or OPL. That doesn’t stop me from coming up with some sort of life guidelines to live by so shall we begin? 

1: never be a suck up! This is my fundamental guideline in life I have been with people who have and I hate it I believe that if your going to get anywhere in life then you can earn it not suck up.

2: play! I’m very big on having a good time(ok my good time may not be what most other people think of as good but still the point remains) 

3: chill! I need to work on this one I’m not very good at chilling 

4: love! This may have been higher up this list but I’m a huge believer in loving both life and people 

5: drink water! If you know me then you will know that I am trying to drink more water in my life 

6: laugh! (At yourself) it’s important to laugh at yourself and in general 

7: keeping up to date! It’s important to keep up to date with the news and sport 

8: create! Something I need to be better at but being creative is important to me wether it be at work or at home get excited and make things

9: meditation! A new one to me but it’s important to me to stop and think about things and life 

10: work! Should really have been number one but it’s hugely important to me to have a job and work hard 

So there we have it my ten COMANDMENTS as such 

Hope you enjoyed

Feel free to comment 

Till next time 




I’m currently sitting here on a train from where I live in Norfolk to London. This is my first time on this route, I’m not one for going to the city. Today is different, I have decided to visit my sister and head to Kew Gardens for a look. In my profession I need to be more influenced by what’s happening right now in the world of horticulture. Any way I digress from why I stated this post. 

I’m sitting here and thinking that say 50 years ago maybe more, a train was something that didn’t happen very regularly and children would run to the top of a hill to see the train fly past. These days it’s different, with trains more frequent and commuting becoming the norm people don’t look to trains as a wonderful thing anymore, this makes me sad. I can understand it don’t get me wrong but it still makes me sad. Is there any way we can go back to the golden age of train travel and not just this commuting ugly looking train life we have become used to. 

This is just a random musing I had I still love train travel and wouldn’t change it because we do need it to get places. 

Till next time 



So I was talking about this tonight with my parents and have discussed it with others and I have come up with a theory and I give this theory to anyone else to take this into your own lives and see how you get on. 

The main idea of this rule is fairly strait forward in the fact that it does not take a great deal of time to get your head around it is all based on the theory that all it takes in any situation to comprehend what is going on is fifteen seconds. I have tried this on a few occasions and it works. 

I implore you to try this out in situations of your own and leave a comment if you have found this theory helpful or if you haven’t also please tell me and we can actually get this growin 




I keep beginning to wright one of these get half way through think it’s rubbish and delete it, don’t ask me why I just do. This one will be different though, I will go the whole way with this. I promise.. 

It’s interesting getting older, things in your life become more relevant and other things go away I mean what really happened to YH-GI-OH cards and pokemon and stuff like that? 

I recently turned 26 and as much as things not really changing in my everyday life I find myself looking to the future, I don’t now if I mentioned this but I recently lost my grandfather and as much as I hadn’t seen him for over 10 years it hit me hard! Dealing with death is a horrible thing and I advise against it I wasn’t right for weeks. However it did give me a good chance to reevaluate my life and where things are going for me. As many of you now I have just changed my place of work and I love where I work now it’s great for me to have this new found responsibility and it just got me thinking about life and how much I would love to have someone to share all of this with other than just family, friends and work coleuges but I’m just rambling now. 

There was something I wanted to say in this post but I can’t remember what it was so this short post will have to do. 



Taking every opertunity 

I haven’t posted in a while. So I thought why not let’s make a post today. I must explain I am currently sitting on a c2c train on my long travels to mill hill in Lancashire to see a very good friend of mine who I have met by the wonders of the Internet. Lots of people have told me to be careful and to watch my back, I appreciate their concern however I need to take these opertuntiy’s whenever or wherever they come from. This is what has made me think about doing this post to tell you no to advise you to do it to take these opertuntiy’s when they come around, I know it sounds corny but yolo! 

That is all

Till next time 


It’s funny how life changes! 

I remember as a young teenager how different life choices made me who I am today. Being a cadet going to the certain school, getting bullied have all helped me move on and become a better person as I grow up. One of the most important things for me is how music has changed me and makes me feel different things as an example the band green day, they hold so many emotions for me they remind me of old girlfriends old mates and old times, the band the vaccines also remind me of good old times. 

So where does that leave me? I have new people in my life now and it’s brilliant because they care for me a great deal, however that leaves me needing to make the biggest choice in my adult life and it scares me and I don’t now what to do. There is always the easy route out……

Thanks for reading 



P.s if you want to tell me your favourite band and how they afected you in any way please do  


Hello all

Well it has been a little while since I have produced anything on any website of choice but here we go this will be my rundown of 2014 and some issues I have going into the new year.
So let’s start with the positive stuff it has been a great year for me all in all, the board masters was great and I made some supper great friends there will I be doing it next year? Probably not but hey I am glad that I did it, I’ve also been to New York and Dublin which have defiantly been highlights for me I have got a few new tattoos which has been great and I love them.
It’s hard to think what else has happened this year because a year is a long period of time. From what I can remember it has been a good one

So my issues with this year to come are that we are selling our house and my mum and her boyfriend are moving to Norfolk and I don’t know whether to go with them or not. So that is bothering me and it also frightens me like going into the unknown but I am sure that things will work out whatever I decide to do. If you can give me any advice in the comments section that will be great.

So now is the interesting bit where I look at my New Years resolutions and to see if I can keep to them so here we go:

1: get out on my bike more

2: get out more and don’t play Xbox all the time

3: I would like to make a tshirt to be sold hold onto your hats some designs are being made as we speak

4: I would like to get a website up and running

5: be better with money I have been awful this year and my credit card has been used to much

6: to blog more!

Let’s see if I manage to do any of these in the new year!

Let me know in the comments if you have any.

So this will probably be my last blog of 2014 so I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a fantastic new year whatever you may be doing.