Well let’s face it! England are going home!
Our performance last night left us all feeling very deflated! The whole playing scheme of giving the ball back to hart and playing out was terrible, lacking in the final third and just all round bad plying and being scared if anything.

My team for the costa rica game would be

Smaling, Cahill, jagielka (who needs to be talking), baines

Wilshear, Henderson
The ox on the right and welbeck on the left
Give hart the armband

Now I want to move on to the elephant in the room as such. Spain’s exit on the World Cup is extremely strange. I don’t mean to put any ideas into people’s heads but it’s so strange that they won everything in qualifying and to loose so drastically I’m betting the illuminati were in on it. Being that we were talking about them Sunday night at work and the same night unprompted they followed me on twitter. Spooky?

I will leave you with that.


Also please go give some love to my friend James’s blog it’s very witty.


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