Brazil vs Chile
This game will be a good one I am going to go out on a whim here and say that Chile will win this one with there team effort and play and the bad keeper that Brazil have I think they can edge it. The game will be locked around neymar. 2-1 Chile

Columbia vs Uruguay
This is the time for Columbia I think without Louis Suarez at the helm Uruguay will come unstuck and Columbia could edge it. Diego Forlan has not been on form this tournament. 3-1 Columbia

Netherlands vs Mexico
Despite playing really well in the group stage I think Mexico will drop out of the tournament here. Holland have a score to settle and now Spain have dropped out from the tournament I think they will sail through this stage. 3-0 Netherlands

Costa Rica vs Greece
Greece should not be here full stop in the game against the Ivory Coast it was a blatant dive to allow them to win the game and they shouldn’t be here the Ivory Coast looked the better team. Now when it comes to Costa Rica this would be a good bet to have. 3-1 Costa Rica

Germany vs Algeria
This is a no brainer with the talent that the Germans have in there side they will fly through this game. The commentators said a very true thing during the game with the USA they said the Germans looked like a premier league side and the USA looked like a smaller division side. Same here. 4-0 Germany

France vs Nigeria
The French look amazing this tournament I really think that they will go far this one is simple 2-0 France just for my friend Chloe who apparently is in love with Olivier Giroud.

Argentina vs Switzerland
The Swiss looked good in there last game but can anyone break Lionel Messi? I really don’t think so. I predict big things for the Argentinians in the tournament. I was talking to a friend this evening and we both agreed when we said they will reach the final. 2-0 Argentinia

Belgium vs Team USA
I’d love to say in the next few lines that the USA will win but with the way that Belgium played in there last game to have a guy sent of and still to win by a goal to nil. But I still believe (I, I believe, I believe that, I believe that we will win and so on)
2-1 Belgium is probably the wisest of predictions but I would like to see 1-0 USA

Let me now in the comments below if you think anything different or if you have had a bet on this time. And if you have bought any other kit rather than England. I recently bought the kit from team USA.

Till next time.



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