Firstly an apology this blog was never meant to be solely on one thing but recently it has been very much football based. If you don’t like football or soccer if you live in the sates then be patient normal service will be resumed when the World Cup is over.

Next, team USA were beaten last night which was a disappointment because since England’s dismal display I had been routing for them to get as far as they could. I have to say though when they went down 2-0 in extra time I almost turned it of and said well that’s game over, I’m glad I didn’t I really am because that second half was some of the best football I have seen since the World Cup began just over 20 days ago. Where on earth they summoned the energy from is beyond me. Well played team USA and even though they are going home they can do that with there heads held high.

Moving on now to my predictions of the QUATER finals:

France vs Germany
I said from the very start that I thought that Germany would win the World Cup this time out and it was there year! I now am not so sure, I think the way France have been playing has been outstanding and they could put a hiccup in the Germans plans to be champions of the world again. 1-1 I predict then down to penalties which the French will win 5-4

Brazil vs Columbia
Well who would have thought that I would have been saying Columbia in the QUATER finals of the World Cup? They have put on a fantastic performance I would like to say they would progress but up against Neymar jnr I’m not so sure. Brazil will win this one 2-1 in extra time!

Argentina vs Belgium
Messi is a beast we all now this, in my opinion he is still the best player in the world, Belgium will have to think of something fast to stop the Argentinians going through! I think Messi and his gang if great players will win this. 2-0 Argentina.

Netherlands vs Costa Rica
Throughout the group stage the Dutch were playing proper Dutch football that nice style of playing and scoring goals for fun. I don’t know if it’s moving on that does it or what but in there round of 16 game they were playing bad Dutch football I mean that horrible I’m going to dive all over the place and not have a great game. Having said that I think that the appropriately named #worldcupunderdogs if they keep there shape and don’t give up to many clumsy challenges then they could do this. 2-2 in normal time moving to a penalty shoutout which Costa Rica will win 4-2

Are these bold predictions or are they right? Let me know what you think.

Till next time



2 thoughts on “QUATER FINALS

  1. Loving this World Cup! My head agrees with your predictions but my heart thinks Colombia can do the business against Brazil. They’ve been great do far and although Brazil have qualified I think they look vulnerable everywhere except where Neymar is playing! 2-1 Columbia
    AND as a newly formed Costa Rican 1-0 against Holland.

    Very very excited…. Love the blog by the way!

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