“Chris you said after the World Cup you would stop with the football blog posts”

Yeah I know I did but hey I like football.

“So what’s this one about then?”

Well I’m glad you asked:

I’ve been doing the fantasy premier league for the last 2 years and I’ve been doing ok for someone who claims not to know a lot about football. My greatest success was the first time we did this at work without any money being involved (I always hated there being money involved it really puts me of) I came 3rd! Yes that’s right 3rd I was only just beaten to 2nd by the narrowest of narrow margins, this was my greatest triumph in the fantasy league ever. My success last year wasn’t so great by which I mean I came 8th out of about 16 which still is a pretty good triumph.

Any way, I have decided to give it another go this year and I wanted you lovely readers to have a look at my team (just of course for looking not for stealing or anything)


So there we go that’s said team. I am pretty happy about this one to be honest, it’s strange really that it’s hard to get the right players for the money that you have to spend (it’s £100 million pounds) but I think I’ve got it.

Let me now in the comments what you think of it




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