My first festival!

I loved the festival! It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. I met some amazing people who have since added me on Facebook and will hopefully keep in contact with me.

Arriving early was a great idea as it meant that I met the people I did and that we got a great pitch for the camping. We sat round the camp and got to now each other and bonded which was great!

Today was a chill out day waiting for the others to arrive, once they did we began to set up what was going to be a little home from home for the weekend


Then we ventured into the arena to watch the music this started with the enemy


I have loved them for ages and to see them live was amazing and there set was great.

I also have to put a big shout out to the next act mistajam he was amazing again much better than chase and status who were not great. Mistajam aloud what he described to be the “road ragers” 30 seconds to get the moshing out of there system and if he was to see it again he would play Dolly Parton in his set, 2 minutes later the music stops, lots of booing then starts Dolly Parton with him saying I did warn you. This then got a big round of applause from the rest of the crowd who just wanted to enjoy themselves.

Today I ventured into the other part of the festival which was at fistral beach and it was amazing. I decided to look around the shopping village first where I bought myself a new skateboard and a new pair of sun god sunglasses which have come with a life time guarantee, so if your after a new pair of sunglasses go check them out there amazing also the guys down at oath need a shout out, they’re amazing guys and made my new deck in good time and I love it I hope to get slightly ok at skateboarding now but let’s see shall we.
Once I had made my purchase’s I decided to go watch the bmx final which was amazing the stuff those guys can do with a bmx is insane.


Saturday night musically was amazing we only decided to watch 2 acts on the main stage which were Zane Lowe and snoop dog and my word were they great! Zane Lowe really knows how to get a crowd going I recommend going to see him if you get the chance. Snoop dog on the other hand left much to be desired I mean don’t get me wrong I’m supper excited to have seen him but I really didn’t think much of him.



Well I wish I could be blogging about how good Bastille are live and how amazing Sunday was but unfortunately as I am sure most if you have seen the tail end of the hurricane hit us and the festival got canceled which was a shame but completely understandable.

I had an amazing time and I’d like to thank everyone I met whilst I was there and here’s to next year!!!!





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