So after England’s dismal display at this years World Cup I think it was safe to say that we all were not expecting much from the team going into these friendlies.
Especially now that we have the arrogant guy of Wayne I’m being paid to much money a week Rooney as captain. As I am sure you can tell I’m not 100% behind Mr Roy’s choice of his new captain, I have always said that a captain can not be a striker ok he may be the oldest on the pitch ok he may have the most caps under his belt and blimey he may be a brilliant team leader, I still think that a captain should be a goalkeeper, defender or midfielder that way then they can monitor the game and make changes if they have to. If you were to ask me right now who I would give the armband to I would have to go with the number 1 mr joe hart, he is vocal big and strong and the best for the job.

Back to the topic in hand, going into the first if these games most people thought that we would do nothing, hence why we had the lowest attendance of any game at wembly stadium ever. But we shocked England fans with a win, and again tonight we went with little hope and were the clear underdogs against a team who are ranked 9th in the world when we are ranked 20th (figures taken from the FIFA website) and do you now how we did that? By playing young up and coming players and not just the ‘household’ favourites. It worked! And let’s hope old Roy keeps this up and maybe just maybe we can do something.

But let’s not count our chickens to soon!!





  1. I agree it was a decent performance, but qualifying isn’t our problem. It’s when we get to the tournaments. For some reason any positivity from previous performances goes out the window and we suffer a ‘typical England performance’. Tonight was good with young players like Sterling and Welbeck setting a marker. We will qualify but we need to use this qualification to build a team to compete at France 2016 🙂


    • Yeah for sure that’s so right. Although when we (just about) qualified for the World Cup we didn’t play great and that showed. He was being very stubborn in the squad picking going with the older guys and not playing the younger guys. I just hope we take something from tonight and build on it. Sterling had a great game by far the best player on the pitch.

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