The trees are changing the days are getting colder and winter is on its way but there’s something about this time of year in England the crisp sunny mornings, the rainy horrible days. The shops moving towards hoodies and jackets!
You can feel it!

I love it! Down at heart I’m a autumn kind of guy I’m not a summer lover and I’m a snow hater (let me reassure you I love snow it’s the shit that comes with it I hate) this time of year is great! Mentally I’m preparing for a long winter and the shop is slowing down with the customers that we serve but still it’s great!

This year I plan on doing a number of things so you could call it CHRIS’S AUTHMN CHECK LIST and it’s as follows:
1: I need a new hoody I’ve not started my looking just yet as the season has just started but still I will be buying a new one for the season to come.

2: Get the garden ready, this is a new one for me but this year I plan on giving the birds a helping hand in the dark days of winter by putting out feed for them every so often.

3: PSL and lots of it. For those who unlike me don’t speak starbucks this means pumpkin spiced late, I had my first one just the other day and loved it! So lots more please!

4: A new tattoo. Now I am a big fan of Halloween and have an idea to get a small one on the day but who nows.

That pretty much does it for my to do list in autumn. Hope you enjoyed this blog.




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