Hello all

Well it has been a little while since I have produced anything on any website of choice but here we go this will be my rundown of 2014 and some issues I have going into the new year.
So let’s start with the positive stuff it has been a great year for me all in all, the board masters was great and I made some supper great friends there will I be doing it next year? Probably not but hey I am glad that I did it, I’ve also been to New York and Dublin which have defiantly been highlights for me I have got a few new tattoos which has been great and I love them.
It’s hard to think what else has happened this year because a year is a long period of time. From what I can remember it has been a good one

So my issues with this year to come are that we are selling our house and my mum and her boyfriend are moving to Norfolk and I don’t know whether to go with them or not. So that is bothering me and it also frightens me like going into the unknown but I am sure that things will work out whatever I decide to do. If you can give me any advice in the comments section that will be great.

So now is the interesting bit where I look at my New Years resolutions and to see if I can keep to them so here we go:

1: get out on my bike more

2: get out more and don’t play Xbox all the time

3: I would like to make a tshirt to be sold hold onto your hats some designs are being made as we speak

4: I would like to get a website up and running

5: be better with money I have been awful this year and my credit card has been used to much

6: to blog more!

Let’s see if I manage to do any of these in the new year!

Let me know in the comments if you have any.

So this will probably be my last blog of 2014 so I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a fantastic new year whatever you may be doing.




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