I keep beginning to wright one of these get half way through think it’s rubbish and delete it, don’t ask me why I just do. This one will be different though, I will go the whole way with this. I promise.. 

It’s interesting getting older, things in your life become more relevant and other things go away I mean what really happened to YH-GI-OH cards and pokemon and stuff like that? 

I recently turned 26 and as much as things not really changing in my everyday life I find myself looking to the future, I don’t now if I mentioned this but I recently lost my grandfather and as much as I hadn’t seen him for over 10 years it hit me hard! Dealing with death is a horrible thing and I advise against it I wasn’t right for weeks. However it did give me a good chance to reevaluate my life and where things are going for me. As many of you now I have just changed my place of work and I love where I work now it’s great for me to have this new found responsibility and it just got me thinking about life and how much I would love to have someone to share all of this with other than just family, friends and work coleuges but I’m just rambling now. 

There was something I wanted to say in this post but I can’t remember what it was so this short post will have to do. 




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