I’m currently sitting here on a train from where I live in Norfolk to London. This is my first time on this route, I’m not one for going to the city. Today is different, I have decided to visit my sister and head to Kew Gardens for a look. In my profession I need to be more influenced by what’s happening right now in the world of horticulture. Any way I digress from why I stated this post. 

I’m sitting here and thinking that say 50 years ago maybe more, a train was something that didn’t happen very regularly and children would run to the top of a hill to see the train fly past. These days it’s different, with trains more frequent and commuting becoming the norm people don’t look to trains as a wonderful thing anymore, this makes me sad. I can understand it don’t get me wrong but it still makes me sad. Is there any way we can go back to the golden age of train travel and not just this commuting ugly looking train life we have become used to. 

This is just a random musing I had I still love train travel and wouldn’t change it because we do need it to get places. 

Till next time 



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