Let me start by saying I’m not religious, I don’t believe in a god or believe there is a afterlife, it’s part of a new series I am trying out called on point lifestyle or OPL. That doesn’t stop me from coming up with some sort of life guidelines to live by so shall we begin? 

1: never be a suck up! This is my fundamental guideline in life I have been with people who have and I hate it I believe that if your going to get anywhere in life then you can earn it not suck up.

2: play! I’m very big on having a good time(ok my good time may not be what most other people think of as good but still the point remains) 

3: chill! I need to work on this one I’m not very good at chilling 

4: love! This may have been higher up this list but I’m a huge believer in loving both life and people 

5: drink water! If you know me then you will know that I am trying to drink more water in my life 

6: laugh! (At yourself) it’s important to laugh at yourself and in general 

7: keeping up to date! It’s important to keep up to date with the news and sport 

8: create! Something I need to be better at but being creative is important to me wether it be at work or at home get excited and make things

9: meditation! A new one to me but it’s important to me to stop and think about things and life 

10: work! Should really have been number one but it’s hugely important to me to have a job and work hard 

So there we have it my ten COMANDMENTS as such 

Hope you enjoyed

Feel free to comment 

Till next time 



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